District offers excess items for sale | Bids accepted until Dec. 31

The Tri-Valley Central School District is offering several items use for sale.

The items, which are no longer of use to the district, will be sold in auction. Bids may be submitted via email to Jesse Bell at jessebell@trivalleycsd.org. Please include your offer price, your name,  contact information,  the item and item number.

Bids will be accepted until Dec. 31.

10-inch Dalton table saw

Item No. 0931

A table saw

Power washer,  13 hp

Item No. 0929

A generator in a push cart

Used FRP door with window, 3’10” x 6’8″

Item No. 0940

A brown door with a window

Welding helmet (1)

Item No.  0936

The exterior box for a welding helmet

New steel blank primed LHR, 4′ x 7′

Item No.  0943

A sheet of metal

New FRP RHR, 3′ x 7′

Item No. 0942

A grew metal door 

Generator, new, 5,000w

Item No.  0930

A generator in a red casing

New wooden rated RHR door with window, 3’10” x 6’8″

Item No.  0941

A light wooden door with a window

Misc. Westinghouse breakers

Item No. 0944

a red cart stacked with several electrical breakers

John Deere Gator

Item No.  0960

A green John Deer gator with yellow seats A view of a john deer gator from the back, showing the open bed

Finish mower

Item No.  0928

A yellow grooming mower

Sheetrock finish trim

Item No. O937

Two pieces of gold-toned sheetrock finish trim

Galvanized sheetrock finish trim

Item No. 0927

A section of galvanized grew sheetrock finish trim

5/8″ clear pex tubing

Item No.  0935

Two stacked cardboard boxes of tubing

Long Run generator | 5,000w

Item No. 0938

a 5,000 watt generator

Long Run generator | 10,000w

Item No.  0939
A 10,000 watt generator