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    Third Grade Music!

    Third Grade Music

    -and the dulcet sound of the recorder


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    Most asked question: What brand to buy.

    Here are some brands I recommend. Please avoid purchasing from dollar stores or walmart as these recorders do not often play in the same key as school recorders.

    Soprano recorder with Baroque Fingering








    -         Recorder: This is the year when students finally get to play the much anticipated recorder. Information will be sent home in December regarding recorder purchasing. Please see the recorder information tab for details regarding our recorder instruction in third and fourth grade.

    -         Write it: Students at the third grade level will try their hands at creating piggy-back songs, parodies, and their own melodic compositions. We will also create class songs in third grade and perform those songs at the end of the year.

    -         Perform it: What better way to show off those new recorder skills than with a recorder choir. Students who attain a predetermined level on their recorders will be invited to join a recorder choir or small ensemble. This group will also be performing at a music assembly.

    -         Listening: In third grade, we focus on music of many nations and cultures. We begin to study the music that came to our country from the many immigrants who travelled here long ago as well as the music of peoples from all over the globe.

    -         Singing: Our multicultural exploration isn’t limited to listening. Students will sing and dance to music from other cultures and learn about the people and countries where the music originated.

    -         Instruments: In third grade, we review the instruments of the orchestra and learn about the interesting instruments found around the globe and the unique sounds they make.


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