Tri-Valley Super Kids on Parade

  • Tri-Valley's K-2 students make new friends while learning to read and write. Some new friends are students in their classes, others are the Super Kids that are brought to life in the school's reading program.

    Whether reading decodable stories, working with words, reading and responding to fiction and non-fiction texts, Tri-Valley kids have learned to identify with one or more of the Super Kids.

    What better way to bring learning to life then by giving students the opportunity to BECOME a Super Kid?

    That is just what Tri-Valley K-2 students and teachers did. Not only did each student dress up as a Super Kid but teachers did too!

    Each and every Super Kid was represented by staff and students. Teachers and students paraded to the tune of each Super Kid song while onlookers clapped, cheered and high-fived their favorite Super Kids. It was a fun and memorable day for everyone!