YouTube Restrictions

  • Restricted Access to YouTube 

    This page has been set up to share information about Tri-Valley CSD's new restricted YouTube Access for students. By default students can view a restricted subset of all YouTube videos that YouTube as deemed educational. If the students click sign-in on the Youtube page, they then can also see videos that have been allowed by a verified Google Classroom teacher in our school system.

    ***NOTE: You MUST be logged into a Google Chrome Internet Browser or into a chromebook with your account to see any District-Approved Videos***

    APPROVED:   This is a video that YouTube has deemed as educational, and it is watchable by For example - The Beauty of Algebra is an Approved YouTube Video

    RESTRICTED: This video has not been permitted for students. Oxen vs Wolves (Our students should not be able to see this video.) This doesn't necessarily mean that it is inappropriate--it means that it did not fall within YouTube's parameters for how they identify a video as educational.

    This video is restricted, but has been allowed for our Google domain to students logged in to YouTube . IF a student is not signed in to the YouTube page (for example K-2 student or a 3-12 not signed into his or her Google account), this video should not be viewable)  Sen Murkowski on Renaming Mt McKinley

    We have set up faculty and administrators to have unrestricted access to YouTube. Verified Google Classroom teachers have the option to approve a video from the video's YouTube page by clicking the Approve button. (see pic below)  Once a video is approved, it is approved for ALL students in the Tri-Valley -- not just for your one class.  The Google Admin console maintains a list of all approved videos by web address, video title, and the name of the approver.  Example link
    A student or teacher can access the approved videos by opening and logging into the CHROME BROWSER with their account.
    A teacher, logged into Chrome with our Google account will see a blue APPROVE bar under the video to that they can add this video to TVCSD's approved list for students logged into their google account.
    In the interest of full disclosure, the Google Admin console does maintain a list of videos by Title and URL with the name of the teacher who approved the video. We'll review this list regularly, and likely purge it at least annually.

    One note: if a student does not have a Google (PK-2) or if the student is not logged into his or her G Suite account, the student will only see the videos in Youtube's set of unrestricted videos.  Videos allowed by a teacher will be view-able only if the student is signed into a TVCSD G Suite account.