Tri-Valley Secondary School

  • Tri-Valley Secondary School

    Mr. David C. Pulley - Principal - ext. 5302

    Mrs. Dena Johnson - ext. 5310

    Mr. Jason Closs - Director of Athletics - ext. 5304

    Ms. Leslye Stryker, Principal's Secretary - ext. 5302

    Ms. Lisa Davison, Assistant Principal's Secretary, Director of Athletics' Secretary - 5304



    SchoolTool News: 
    Parents now have access via the Parent Portal to view a student’s average in a class by following these steps:
    1) Go into student information
    2) Go to "Grades Tab"
    3) Choose View "Marking Period Average"
    Parents can see their child's average in each course, plus it will show the averages for each category set up in a course grade  book, e.g., Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Labs, etc.



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