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  • Science 7-Life Science Assignments- Periods 1, 7, 9

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  • Marine Science Assignments-Period 3

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  • Living Environment II Assignments- Period 4

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Biology frog dissection

Marine Science- Outlines

Human Brain

  • FAQs

    SCIENCE-Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to common
    questions by students and parents about science class.


    What is the proper heading used for assignments handed in on loose leaf paper?

    Please PRINT Clearly!

    Name: (First & Last) Period: Date:


    Jane Doe Period 1 09/10/18
    HW pages 123-124 #5-12 


    What are the course goals?

    1. Learn about various aspects of the natural sciences.
    2. Develop note-taking, organizational, and study skills.
    3. Develop basic laboratory skills.
    4. Prepare for the eighth grade science exam.
    5. Prepare for ninth grade Living Environment (Biology). 


    What materials do I need for class?

    ~ 3-ring loose leaf binder with loose leaf paper to hold Outlines (notes).
    ~ Composition Notebook (Science Journal- remains in classroom).
    ~ Pens (Blue or Black for Quizzes and Tests) and Pencils (for diagrams, graphs,
    and tables) [two or more of each]. Please NO MECHANICAL pens or pencils.
    ~ Assignment pad OR daily planner (to record homework and upcoming
    ~ Set of page separators (for notes, class-work, homework, and tests). 


    What is the homework policy?

    Homework is due on time, it will be accepted a single school day late for half
    credit, but no grade later. 


    Must I do labs?

    YES! Laboratory work is required for you to learn more about science. 


    How can I be successful in science?

    1. Be ready to learn; have all your materials for class.
    2. Be organized; keep track of assignments; keep an organized notebook.
    3. Study every day; look over your notes at least 10-15 minutes each day
    outside of class (then, if you have any questions, you can ask them the
    next class period). 


    What are the classroom rules?

    1. Respect: mutual respect for the teacher and your peers.
    2. Proper Behavior: proper classroom behavior is expected at all times to
    ensure your safety and the safety of others. 


    What is the 3-strike policy?

    It is a system of classroom behavior modification for all students: two
    warnings are given to each student per day whenever the student is
    doing something unacceptable for class. On the third strike, the student is
    removed from class and receives no credit for that day. Strikes do not carry
    over to the next day; each student starts off fresh each day. 


    Can I use the Restroom during class?

    YES!!!- For EMERGENCIES during class; otherwise, please go during the 
    following times: before or after class, during lunch, or during a
    study hall. ***No student will be denied to go to the restroom; they are just
    asked to not disrupt class and the educational process during the period
    unless absolutely necessary***

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