Seventh Grade Homework

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    Homework Assignments are listed below.


    English 7 - Due Wed. (01/16): Complete questions #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 for the article "Just Junk?" (21 points)

    Study for the quarterly exam, January 23-25, 2019 (100-200 points (TBD)). This major exam will take place over several days and will be broken into three parts.

    Part I: Words of the Week (matching) and UNWRAP, RITA C. & RITATAC (Write in what each letter stands for).

    Part II: Apply the UNWRAP and GIST strategies to a text you will receive during the exam (reading, annotating, writing the gist, answer multiple choice questions).

    Part III: Apply the RITA C. strategy to answer a short response question about the same text from part II.

    EXTRA CREDIT – make a study tool for ALL the words of the week (5 points); make a study tool for the UNWRAP, RITA C. & RITATAC strategies (5 points). NO QUIZLETS.

    Make sure you know what each letter of the UNWRAP and RITA C. & RITATAC strategies stand for Quizlet.

    Continue to review and memorize ALL the words of the week we have learned so far. Words of the Week Quizlet.

     OPTIONAL EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT: Use the UNWRAP and GIST strategies to read the article "What is the winter solstice?" and answer the multiple choice questions (50 points). You MUST complete ALL steps in the strategies in order to receive ANY credit. Use the check list on the last page to make sure you have completed ALL the steps. Due date: Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

    Math 7 -Mr. O'Morrissey:

    Accelerated Math 7 -

    workbook page 132 #1-10

    Science 7 & Forensics-Mr. Jones: Please click here to go to my Science Webpage

    Science 7-Life Science Assignments- Periods 1, 2, 6

    - 01/11/2019: Quiz Chapter 8- The History of Life on Earth.

    - 01/09/2019: HW Due Ch8 Vocabulary Activity.

    - 01/07/2019: HW Due Textbook pg. 215 #20-27.


    Social Studies 7 -Mr. Langway: Use the Link below to access my site.


    Math 7 - Ms. Jung: Please see the calendar on for updates on homework assignments and quiz/test announcements!

    Accelerated Science 7 Mrs. Edwards: Please see the 8th grade homework web page 

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