Grade 8 Homework

  • 8th Grade Homework

    English Mr. Haynes:

    6/7/19--Friday Night: rough draft of Research Paper due on Tuesday

    6/10/19--Monday Night: rough draft of Research Paper due tomorrow

    6/11/19--Tuesday Night: final draft of Research Paper due on Friday

    6/12/19--Wendesday Night: final draft of Research Paper due on Friday

    6/13/19--Thursday Night: final draft of Research Paper due on Friday

    6/14/19--Friday Night: work on Summer Reading Challenge

    NOTE: Please email Mr. Haynes to become part of his Google Classroom page.  


    Math 8     


    Science: Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Swett periods 1, Mrs. Edwards period 4 and 7


    From now to the end of the year- pratice quizlet all vocab- on Google clasroom

    State test review packets will be given out as homework mid May- please complete sections assigned

     7th Accelerated Science Period 6: 

     Test Ch 15-17 Wednesday- class in room 104 today only

    All vocab quiz Friday


    Vocab quiz every Friday all vocab so far this year- use quizlet to pratice


    Spanish: Sra. Ter Bush

    6/10 * Practice the Proficiency Conversations. Speaking Part of Final Exam will be June 11, Tuesday. Part II  Final Exam June 17 (a.m.)

     6/11 Speaking Part of Proficiency Exam (part I)

              Any missing assignments for the 4th quarter are due. Check schooltool

              Keep reviewing the voc. from the review handout


    Review Clothing & colors (voc. sheet)Complete back verbs & review expressions at the store. Finish VOCES Chap. 4 Activities 3, Quizzes: Colors, & At the store. if you have not.



    Voces ch 3: activities 1,2,3,10  Quizzes:Tener

     Masteries: Tener Completed.    

     Unit 3 L2              Click to view

    Unit 3 Lesson 1    Click to view

    Unit 2 Lesson 2   Click to view      Workbook pages U2L2 Click to view

    Unit 2 Lesson 1  Click to view       Workbook pages U2L1 Click to view

    Unit 1 Lesson 2  Click to view

    Unit 1 Lesson 1  Click to view        WorkBook pages U1 Click to view

     Unit 1 Para Empezar

     Practice & review using the textbook Home Tutor  Click here 



    SPANISH:  Señora Sloan: Students should use my Google Classroom for up-to-date information, copies of notes and assignments, etc. 

    2/4: Homework: Numbers worksheet

    2/5: Numbers and -ar verb worksheet

    2/6: Study for quiz on numbers to 100

    2/7: Quiz on numbers to 100; homework sheet





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