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Mr. Frank Kean

Secondary School Math
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  • This is the class webpage for :

    • 7th Grade Math
    • 7th Grade Accelerated Math
    • 8th Grade Accelerated Math (Algebra)

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    Previous Homework:
    1st and 4th Period:

    Period 1 and 4:

    This past month we have been working in the Buckle Down workbook on problems in unit 2: ratios and proportions. 

    November 17th: please do this worksheet:


    Period 1 and 4:November 18th Buckle Down: pg. 85 #20,21

    November 22: No Homework

    November 28th: Percent error problems on worksheet 3-5

    November 29th percent error sheet#2 problems 1-4

    December 5th-Do as many problems on review as possible

    December 6th-study for quiz on Wednesday

    3rd Period:

    November 7th:Dividing fractions worksheet

    November 8th: Dividing Decimals worksheet

    November 9th Dividing decimals worksheet problems e-h, study for quiz

    November 14th: no homework

    November 15th:Worksheet #8,9,10. Quiz Friday

    November 16th(level 2): Worksheet # 8, 9, 10. Here is link:

     November 28th: Review sheet Problems #5,6,7

    December 5th-worksheet for those who finished quiz

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