Free remote workshop for parents Feb. 10 | How Mindset Affects our Children

Tri-Valley Central School District is offering a free remote workshop 6:30-7:30 p.m. Feb. 10 hosted by MaryAnn Brittingham, a noted educator,  speaker, and and supervisor of student teachers at the SUNY at New Paltz.

In the Growth Mindsets Workshop, Brittingham will discuss how mindset, specifically a “growth mindset,”  affects student success and happiness.

Children who feel competent appreciate their unique strengths and talents and embrace the world around them have what has been dubbed a “growth mindset.” They believe it is possible to develop their talents and become better and smarter if they persevere and work hard.

Parents we can encourage this attitude through their actions  and words.

Topics covered during the workshop include:

  • What are mindsets and how do they affect our children?
  • What is the role of the parents in developing  growth mindset?
  • How does praise and feedback impact our children’s mindsets?
  • Why is it important for children to understand how the brain works?

How to attend with Zoom

To attend by phone

  • Phone number: 929-205-6099
  • Meeting ID: 892 9893 6789
  • Passcode: 431614