Proposed 2021-22 TVCSD District Budget

Budget Vote, BOE Elections are Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Tri-Valley Central School District Board of Education has adopted a $35,171,263  budget for voter consideration for the 2021-22 academic year.

Voting hours are 1-8 p.m.  May 18, 2021 in the Tri-Vally Secondary School gymnasium (34 Moore Hill Road, Grahamsville.) Absentee ballots are also availabe upon request by email at

The proposed budget represents a .86 percent ($301,186) increase over the current school year’s budget.

The proposed budget, developed collaboratively by the Board of Education, district administration and staff, has taken a conservative approach addressing current financial uncertainties while anticipating future financial challenges. The educational needs of students, as well as the educational experiences the district can provide to them, are at the core of all spending.

Additionally, the New York State Property Tax Cap calculation for the 2021-22 school year yields a negative amount. The tax cap calculates at -.8 percent (-$168,261).

In summary, the proposed budget for voter consideration has a .86 percent increase in spending and a .8 percent decrease in tax levy dollars.

Voters will also elect three members to the Tri-Valley Board of Education.

Budget Summary

School budgets are presented three expenditure categories: Administrative, Capital and Program.

Program Component: $27,339,127

The Program component, the biggest of the three components, includes all areas related to the instructional program.  This includes teacher salaries and benefits, student support services, BOCES instructional programs, and all transportation operating expenditures.

Administrative Component: $3,457,292

The Administrative component includes all areas of the budget related to the administrative operations, including school and Central Administration expenses, Board of Education expenses, and all other administrative activities.

Capital Component: $4,374,844

The Capital component includes maintenance of facilities, salaries and benefits of the Buildings and Grounds staff, debt service, and any monies for future maintenance and improvements to the school buildings.

Expenditures and Revenues

Expenditures (Total: $35,171,263)

  • Salaries: $13,246,228
  • Equipment: $628,800
  • Other Expenses: $6,661,946
  • Supplies and Materials: $441,830
  • BOCES: $4,151,100
  • Employee Benefits: $8,673,909
  • Debt Services: $1,328,950
  • Interfund Transfers: $38,500

Revenues (Total: $35,171,263)

  • Miscellaneous Revenues: $2,193,183
  • State Aid: $11,991,520
  • Real Property Taxes: $20,986,560

Board of Education Election

Also on May 18, district voters will elect three people to the TVCSD Board of Education. Board members are volunteers.

On the ballot are:

  • Danielle Penney Stroop
  • Brent Clarke
  • Rose Woods