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Seven Tri-Valley students take part in the Mathworks Mega Math Challenge

Please see the new photos in our slide show from the March 2019 Mathworks Mega Math Challenge which was based on the many consequences of substance abuse and the growing trend in vaping.

The 7 students who participated worked on the problem from 7:00 am Sunday morning until they had to leave due to snow at 6:00 pm.  Even after leaving school, students collaborated from home to submit their final solutions for the competition.  We now wait for the solutions to be reviewed and students will receive feedback, whether they win scholarships or not.


Regardless of the outcome of the judging, this was a great experience for the students.  They were immersed into a "think tank" type situation with an ever-running clock for when the solution had to be completed.  They had to listen to one another, accept, tweak, and/or discard ideas, learn how to divide a task, and then put all of the components together.  These experiences will be a great help to them going forward, both in college and then in the work place.