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“Way to Go 7th and 8th Grade Students!”

On Monday, May 6, a special ceremony was held at Tri-Valley Central School for 7th and 8th grade students. The assembly, put on by the 7 th and 8 th grade teachers, recognized students for achieving Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, and Principal’s Honor Roll.

Special awards were also given to students who the 7th and 8th grade teachers selected as going  above and beyond expectations inside and outside of the classroom.

In the 8th grade, Gail McAndrew and Elena Ruef won awards for Academic Excellence, Jocelyn Mungeer and Darsh Patel won awards for Outstanding Work Ethic, Phailyn Countryman and Dayne Wall won awards for Leadership, Chase Beseth, Dylan Mitchell, and Alex Roach won awards for Most Improved, and Michael Geraine and Ian Mullen won awards for Outstanding Participation.

In the 7th grade, Abbi Mentnech and Connor Weyant won awards for Academic Excellence, Jasmine Green and Lily Siciliano won awards for Outstanding Work Ethic, Kendall McGregor and Maggie Travis won awards for Leadership, Aquil O’Brien and Jayden Siegler won awards for Most Improved, and Colin Monell and Aidan Thomson won awards for Excellent Participation.

Congratulations to all of the students who were recognized. We are very, very proud of all of their accomplishments!

Picture 1: (left to right): back row- Ian Mullen, Darsh Patel, Elena Ruef, Jocelyn Mungeer,
Phailyn Countryman; front row- Alex Roach, Dylan Mitchell, Gail McAndrew, Chase Beseth;
missing from picture- Michael Geraine and Dayne Wall

8th grade


Picture 2: (left to right): back row- Aquil O’Brien, Aidan Thomson, Kendall McGregor, Connor
Weyant; front row- Lily Siciliano, Jasmine Green, Abbi Mentnech, Maggie Travis, Colin
Monell; missing from picture- Jayden Siegler

7th grade