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Tri-Valley Welcomes New Teachers

The Tri-Valley Central School District is excited to welcome a fantastic group of new teachers, from elementary to secondary and in subjects from Math to Music and Art to Agriculture.

It's going to be a great school year!

A group of 15 stand outside for a portrait

The new members of the Tri-Valley Central School District family include:

Nicole Temple: Elementary School Guidance
Trista Luke: Secondary School Librarian
Paul Mattes: Elementary School Spec Ed
Kaitlynn Lane: Secondary School Math
Jessica Shafer: Secondary School Business
Bethany Hamilton: Secondary School English
Victoria Cordisco: Secondary School English
Michelle Kenney Secondary School Social Studies
Alex Awe: Elementary School Special Education
Keira Weyant: Secondary School Music 
Ashley Kent: Secondary School Agriculture
Samantha Hayes: Secondary School Art
Danielle Seyler Elementary School Special Education
Kelsi Luczyski: Secondary School Special Education
McKenna Alonge: Secondary School Guidance
Nicole Bishop: Secondary School Guidance
Elli Kyprianou: Elementary School Teacher
Erin Toomey: High School Asst. Principal
Rose Ann O'Connor: Social Worker
Tabetha Donahue: High School Math
Danielle Markle: Elementary School Teacher