Driving Directions

The Tri-Valley Elementary School and Tri-Valley Secondary-Schools share a campus at 34 Moore Hill Road, Grahamsville, NY, 12740.

Traveling south from Albany, NY

  • Travel I-87 S to EXIT 1-22 on the left toward New York/Mass Tpke
  • Merge onto State Route 28/NY-28 West via Exit 19 toward Rhinecliff Brg/US-209/Ellenville/Pine Hill
    Then 1.32 miles
  • Merge onto US-209 S toward Ellenville.
    Then 24.27 miles
  • Turn slight right onto Old Route 209.
    Old Route 209 is .3 miles past Stanton Lane.
    Then .27 miles
  • Take the first right onto Continental Road.
    Then 1.29 miles
  • Turn slight right onto State Route 55/NY-55. Follow NY-55.
    NY-55 is just past Bradley Lane
    Then 11.54 miles
  • Turn right onto Moore Hill Road. Tri-Valley Central School is on the left.

Traveling west from New York City, Westchester or Orange County

  • Travel NY-495 West (becomes NJ-495 West)
    Then 3.25 miles
  • Merge onto New Jersey Turnpike/I-95 North toward NJ Turnpike North
    Then 4.07 miles
  • Take the I-80 West exit on the left toward Hackensack/Paterson
    Then 2.16 miles
  • Take the I-80 West exit toward Hackensack
    Then 0.53 miles
  • Merge onto I-80 (LOCAL) West
    Then 2.47 miles
  • Merge onto NJ-17 North via EXIT 64A
    Then 17.51 miles
  • Merge onto I-287 N toward NY Thruway/I-87
    Then .83 miles
  • Merge onto I-87 N via the exit on the left toward Albany (Portions toll).
    Then 14.33 miles
  • Take the exit toward NY-17/US-6/Harriman and merge onto NY-17 West via EXIT 16 toward US-6/Harriman
    Then 40.70 miles
  • Take EXIT 107 toward Bridgeville/South Fallsburg
    Then .24 miles
  • Keep right to take the ramp toward SO FALLSBURG
    Then .05 miles
  • Merge onto Heiden Road
    Then 3.08 miles
  • Heiden Road becomes Thompsonville Road
    Then 1.06 miles
  • Turn right onto Main St/NY-42. Continue to follow NY-42
    Then 5.59 miles
  • Turn left onto State Route 42/NY-42. State Route 42 is just past Robbie Lane.
    Then 8.22 miles
  • Turn right onto Main St/NY-55
    Then .40 miles
  • Take the second left onto Moore Hill Road.
  • Tri-Valley Central School is on the left