Elementary Newspaper Club Releases TV Newsletter

Members of the Tri-Valley Elementary School Newspaper Club created their first issue of TV News.

The BMX Show by Parker Durant-Dudek

The big air show was on 11/2/2023 performed at the ES bus loop for the students of Tri-Valley Elementary School. There were two people that were professional BMX riders. They have traveled the world on their bikes. They were doing flips and tricks on their big inflatable jump. My favorite part was when the rider jumped over our mascot, which is the bear. They also did bunny hops over the teachers. The teachers were Mrs. Raykoff, Mrs. Sheeley, Ms.Wright, Ms. Burger and Ms. Kyprianou. They did fantastic tricks! They were kind and hoped for everyone to follow their dreams. A great trick was when they did a back flip with no hands. Everyone there enjoyed it and had a great time. They sent a great message to our students at Tri- valley Elementary school.

Apple Crunch by Parker Durant-Dudek

Everyone took a big bite of a red crunchy apple on October 26, 2023. students lined the sidewalks at Tri-Valley Central School District and participated in a nationwide event of biting into a red apple provided by the TVCSD FFA. Apples were from Mrs. Wightman’s Fruit Farm located in Kerhonkson, NY. Grades UPK-12th enjoyed this fantastic event.

Fire Prevention by Makayla Frey

On Fire Prevention Day, firefighters came to Tri Valley. we learned things like, if you’re trapped in a fire you should make noises to let the FIREFIGHTERS know you’re in there. we learned new things and we got to see the trucks and the firefighters. one even had smoke coming out of the truck. Many local fire departments participated. Thank you to our fire departments.

Interview with the Fall Play Director, Ms. Hartman by Makayla Frey

Q: What made you decide to do High Spirits for the fall play?
A: I wanted to do something spooky that lined up with the time of year. Our play was on Oct 27th and Oct 28th.

Q: Why did you choose certain students to play those characters?
A: I have a certain idea in mind when I read through the script. The students auditioned for the play and I chose students that I thought would best portray those characters.

Q: How many students were in the play?
A: 15 students performed. However, there were 29 students involved with the play.

Q: How long have you been thinking about doing this play?
A: I started to come up with this idea over the summer.

Q: Did you have any other ideas for upcoming plays?
A: big fish is coming up in February and it’s a musical.

Q: What are you most proud of in your career?
A: when students get the script or music in a play or musical.

Q: name a positive experience from one of your plays.
A: when students say they can do it.

Q: what has your favorite play been so far.
A: medium rare.

Q: What has your favorite musical been so far.
A:little shop of horrors.

Lions Peace Poster Contest

Mrs. Winter’s 6th grade class participated in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest, “Dare to Dream”. Students dreamed of a world free from major world issues like homelessness, hunger, disease, pollution, war, etc. and created posters depicting their ideas. Brianna Mendez was chosen by our local Lions club chapter as our local winner. Congratulations Brianna and to all who participated!

Pirates of the Trunk/ The Great Tri-Valley Trunk or Treat by Samuel Morton-Curry

The great trunk or treat of Tri-Valley 2023, so most people will know about the amazing trunks of the Tri-Valley community. I mean some people went all out and it showed just how creative the people of our community can be. But in my opinion the chicken noodle soup at the end is the best part. Just look at some of the images. The trunk included anime, cartoon, childhood cartoons, spooky spin offs, and dream jobs. The candy they handed out was jolly ranchers, laffy taffy, milky ways, snickers, and tons of other sweets, just to name a few. And to enter this trail of fun, you have to have something to donate for the Stuff the bus food drive. Also to make it even more fun you or anyone who goes to the Tri-Valley, can have a trunk or participate in the Stuff the bus charity activity.

Mrs. Rowans Art Class

First grade students learned about paper weaving. We used a variety of art media and learned some fun facts about snakes. Our project is snakes “weaving” through the grass. Students did a great job!

Art Club members made posters for the Sullivan County Volunteer Firefighters Association. This year’s theme was “Cooking Safety Starts with You”

Their posters were sent to the SCVFA for judging. The contest is open to all schools in the county. Winners will be announced later this month. (Last year we had a 1st place winner!)

Mr. Bebenroth Q&A

Q: What is your job?
A: I am the principal of Tri- Valley Elementary School.

Q: How old are you?
A: 55

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job?
A: The unknown about what comes up next.

Q: How many schools have you been taught at?
A: This is my third school.

Q: What did you do before you came to this school?
A: I’ve been a third grade teacher, 4th grade teacher, science teacher, steam teacher and a technology teacher .

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: Travel, mountain bike and rock climbing.

-Parker Durant-Dudek

Poem made by Bianna Meyer

“I wrote this poem to represent myself as the seasons and nature while also to express my own feelings so other people could relate, it is difficult for people to express their emotions and I thought this project was perfect for to express my feelings. I was actually shocked when people complimented me for my poem when it is so basic to me. You never know your true potential until you show people.”


Michael Cacioppo: Entertainment

Parker Durant Dudek: Reporter

Makayla Frey: Reporter

Isabelle Kahn: Photographer

Bianna Meyer: Editor

Samuel MortonCurry: Reporter

Naiya Patel: Photographer

Navya Patel: Editor

McKenna Unger: Entertainment

Onamarie Thompson: Graphic Designer

(Pictures taken by Melanie Mencke)

Megan Gray and Cerissa Giglio: Advisors