Students Visit SUNY Sullivan’s Solar Farm & Geothermal Pumphouse


Students from Mr. Pekny’s Power & Energy and Practical Engineering class took a field trip to SUNY Sullivan to check out the Solar Farm and the Geothermal Pumphouse. The group consisted of 13 students from 9th-12th grade.

Students were able to learn about sustainable engineering and green power and energy systems that have been put in place in our local community. They were taught how to use thermal imaging equipment and how that can be used to save on energy consumption. They were also shown how building controls and operations can be monitored remotely. It can be difficult for students to understand the concepts of a geothermal system, since most of it is underground, so actually going to a faculty of this size and seeing how the process works really drives home the concept to the students.

SUNY Sullivan offers a unique program that offers courses in topics ranging from Building Automations or HVAC to Care of Green Spaces. This degree is also an opportunity for students looking to springboard into an engineering degree program or directly into the workforce. Students were invited back to SUNY Sullivan for a Sustainability event including a Career Fair. We thank SUNY Sullivan for our students!