Tri-Valley Remembers Fiona the Cat

It is with a heavy heart that Tri-Valley Central School District shares the passing of Fiona the Cat.

In 2011, Mr. Robert Hayes adopted a fairly young cat from the SPCA to live in the greenhouse at Tri-Valley Central School District and eat mice. He didn’t ask permission but went, found a friendly cat, and adopted her. Fiona was brought to campus secretly and was an immediate hit with his 6th graders. It was soon evident that she would let anyone pet her, pick her up and love on her, something very uncommon for a rescue cat.

Fiona has lived quite the adventurous life in her 12 years at Tri-Valley. She has been cat napped at least 3 times – once being brought to a shelter in Albany where her microchip identified her and allowed us to go and rescue her. Once where she was returned to a Tri-Valley staff members house during Covid and the last time when she was found on the streets of Liberty after nearly two months. When she went missing most recently, we had hoped that someone nice had taken her in but this time that was not the case. She has defended herself against numerous wild animals, including a rather hungry coyote which managed to take part of her tail. She has had many veterinary appointments and treatments for things like Lyme disease and arthritis but her sweet personality never changed.

In the last few years, Fiona was able to graduate from moussing to being the school pet cat. Since Covid, she spent more nights inside than outside but still loved to go for a good walk across campus and always wanted to greet her public when they arrived at the school. In her old age, she was very content to curl up on one of her many cat beds or under the heat lamp in the tortoise tank and cuddle with Demitri the Tortoise.

Fiona was a very special animal and was well loved. We would like to thank each person who gave her treats or scratches because we know that she was also dear to you all. She is now buried under one of her favorite trees. She will be missed by all who knew her.