Tri-Valley Secondary Students Receive Awards at Sullivan County Art Show

Congratulations to the following Secondary School students who received awards for their pieces of art at the Sullivan County Art Show!

Artist Choice Winner 6-12th grade
Kenzie Krier- Flower Vase Sculpture – Grade 6
Shelby Carroll- Untitled Drawing Black & White – Grade 8
Aaron Edwards- Modern House Ceramics- Grade 9
Devyn Callahan- Jelly Spread Toast Painting- Grade 11
Samantha Mentnech- Pomegranate Painting- Grade 12
Samantha Mentnech- Minnewaska Painting- Grade 12
Samantha Mentnech- Reaching Fortitude Painting- Grade 12
Kaitlin Stungis -Savannah Photography Color- Grade 11

Student Choice Winners
Savannah Chaboty- Book Worm Photography ~ Black & White -Grade 10
Kaitlin Stungis- Savannah Photography ~ Color-Grade 11