Two students tie for first place at the 2nd annual Tri-Valley Chess Tournament

On Saturday, June 1st, the 2nd Annual Tri-Valley Chess Tournament was held (graciously hosted at the Daniel Pierce Library). Tri-Valley students faced each other in a round-robin tournament format, where each competitor played two games (one with the white pieces, one with black) against every other competitor. A win earned a player 1 point, a draw earned a half point. Many strong games were played throughout the day, and we were proud of the level of play exhibited by all competitors.

After the completion of the round-robin segment, two players were tied for first place: Shayden LaForge and Quentin Goodman. The two-players moved on to a finals playoff format. After the finals, the two had split games and were still tied. Both gentlemen then agreed to share the title as co-champions!

2nd Annual Tri-Valley Chess Tournament
Shayden LaForge and Quentin Goodman- 2nd Annual Tri-Valley Chess Tournament First Place Winners
Pictured above: first place winners, Shayden LaForge and Quentin Goodman