Capstone Project Showcase

On Thursday, June 8, our Civics and Social Justice class held their Capstone Project Showcase. There, students presented on each of their Capstone Projects. For their projects, students had to identify an injustice taking place in the community, research the identified issue, form an action plan for it, and then follow through on their action plan.

In this year’s class, students addressed a number of important issues: Narcan training and the opioid epidemic; our school dress code policy; increasing participation in sports by taking away financial barriers (allowing students to have free sports equipment when needed); female health and making feminine products available for free in Sullivan County schools; increasing extracurricular engagement within the school; veteran awareness and support, including a 5k race to benefit veterans; domestic abuse awareness and support, including self-defense classes; and increasing participation, volunteerism, and mentorship in youth

By becoming active citizens in the community, all of the students did an outstanding job and truly made a difference. We would like to commend them for their efforts. Way to go to all involved!