Fourth Graders Premeire Music Videos

Tri-Valley fourth grade students created music videos in music class that they premiered at the elementary school assembly on June 9.

Students began their song writing process for their music videos by brainstorming ideas for their project. They voted on a final idea and begin adding supporting details or story elements to develop a poem. The students utilized form when creating their song lyrics. Students  picked the song key, tempo, mode, and improvised melodies to develop the melody of their songs. Their final songwriting step was to choose a style for the song. Miss Hartman arranged the song with the chosen style and records an accompaniment track. The music room was turned into a recording studio and small groups utilized professional recording software and equipment.

During this process, fourth graders learned about key occupations in the recording industry responsible for the music they hear every day. Their final step was creating a music video. Each class chose their form of presentation. This year, they utilized Canva to complete the project so students could gain understanding of simple video editing and timelines.

Great job fourth graders!


View their music video creations here:

Electronics by 4R

Dodgeball by 4H

Lemonade by 4E