2019-20 District Budget

Total 2019-20 District Budget: $34,870,077

Program Component: $27,166,756

Includes all areas related to the instructional program, such as teacher salaries and benefits, student support services, BOCES instructional programs, and all transportation operating expenditures.

Administrative Component: $3,277,351

Includes all areas of the budget related to the administrative operations, including school and Central Administration expenses, Board of Education expenses, and all other administrative activities.

Capital Component: $4,425,970

Includes maintenance of facilities, salaries and benefits of the Buildings and Grounds staff, debt service, and any monies for future maintenance and improvements to the school buildings.

Expenditures and Revenues


  • Salaries: $13,106,665
  • Equipment: $453,800
  • Other Expenses: $5,866,536
  • Supplies and Materials: $967,350
  • BOCES: $4,057,100
  • Employee Benefits: $9,162,376
  • Debt Services: $1,217,750
  • Interfund Transfers: $38,500


  • Miscellaneous Revenues: $2,039,211
  • State Aid: $11,676,045
  • Real Property Taxes: $21,154,821