2024-25 Budget Calendar

  • November 16th
    Present BOE Budget Calendar for review
  • December 14th
    Adopt BOE Budget Calendar
  • January 18th
    Introductory Budget Info to BOE
  • February 1st
    Capital Component Presentation
  • February 15th
    Administrative Component Presentation Tax Cap Discussion
  • March 14th
    Program Component Presentation
  • March 28th
    Overview of Proposed Budget, Revenues, Tax Cap Contingency Budget
  • April 9th
    Budget Adoption (Special Meeting TBD)
  • April 16th
    BOCES Budget Vote
  • May 7th
    Budget Hearing
  • May 21st
    Statewide Budget Vote (No Meeting)
  • May 23rd
    Acceptance of Budget Results
  • June 18th
    **** Statewide Budget Revote Day

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This Budget Calendar was adopted by the Board on December 14, 2023. It was presented to the Board and the public for information and consideration on November 16, 2023.