2023-24 Budget Calendar




BOE Meeting Date

November 10th                                         Present BOE Budget Calendar for review
December 8th                                           Adopt BOE Budget Calendar
January 5th                                                 Governor’s Budget Proposal (if available)
January 19th                                               Introductory Budget Info to BOE
February 2nd                                              Capital Component Presentation
February 16th                                             Administrative Component Presentation Tax Cap Discussion
March 2nd                                                   Program Component Presentation
March 16th                                                  Overview of Proposed Budget, Revenues,    Tax Cap Contingency Budget
March 30th                                                 Budget Adoption
April 11th                                                      Budget Adoption
April 25th                                                   BOCES Budget Vote
May 9th                                                         Budget Hearing
May 16th                                                       Statewide Budget Vote (No Meeting)
May 25th                                                      Acceptance of Budget Results
June 20th                                           **** Statewide Budget Revote Day


This Budget Calendar was adopted by the Board on December 8, 2022. It was presented to the Board and the public for information and consideration on November 10, 2022.