From Principal Jennifer Williams


October 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Happy harvest! We hope to make this Halloween a positive experience for students.  While we encourage students to dress in costumes on Monday, October 31st, if they choose, the option is up to each family.  For those that will be engaging in the day’s festivities and wearing costumes, the following guidelines are expected: 

  1. Avoid violent or bloody images. It is okay to look “scary,” but there is a difference between frightening and gruesome.
  2. Eye makeup and removable face masks are acceptable (make sure that vision is not impaired). Makeup should be minimal and applied at home.  *Remember- Learning will still be taking place.  So, your child may be asked to remove his/her mask until appropriate.
  3. Please make sure that your child’s costume has nothing hanging below the wrist or ankle. Tripping and/or getting materials caught is a major concern.
  4. Props (if any) must be manageable, particularly if your student rides the bus. 
  5. Weapons of any kind , or facsimiles, are not permitted. I’m sure you understand why, in this world we live in, we want to avoid anything that could scare another student or create an unnecessary disruption.
  6. Remember that students will have Physical Education on the 31st. Costumes worn should ensure safety and maneuverability.

    For any and all other information regarding classroom festivities, please contact your child’s teacher.  Any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly.  

    I look forward to a safe, fun, and spooky day. 


    Thank you,

    Jennifer Williams