Office of the Superintendent

Message from Dr. William Silver, Superintendent of Schools

Jan. 26, 2022

Masks remain required for students, staff

Yesterday afternoon, the Governor and the Department of Health appealed the decision of the Nassau County Supreme Court judge that voided the mask  requirement for schools. The NYS Appeals Court stayed the judge’s order.  Consequently, the mask mandate is still in effect. The response to the ruling from the NYS Education Department is as follows:

“We are pleased the Appellate Division granted the application by the  Department of Health and the Governor’s office, confirming the lower court’s  decision is stayed pending further proceedings. As such, the mask mandate  remains in effect for schools across the state. We support Governor Hochul and  the state Department of Health as they continue with the appeal. We thank the  members of our school communities for their patience during this process.”

I want to thank you and your children for your cooperation yesterday in  continuing to wear masks in school despite all the confusion. I would ask that you  continue to follow the regulation, and again reinforce this with your children and  students as the court case proceeds.

I will send updates as new information becomes available.

Dr. William Silver