Extracurricular Activities

Tri-Valley believes that participation in extra-curricular activities builds community and prepares students for college and careers.

There is a cornucopia of opportunities for Secondary students. Get involved!

The Arts

  • Art Club
  • High School Band
  • High School Chorus
  • Jazz Band
  • Pep Band
  • Percussion Ensemble 
  • 7/8 Grade Band
  • 7/8 Grade Chorus
  • Theater Club


  • Baseball: Boys Varsity
  • Baseball: JV Boys, Modified Boys
  • Basketball: Varsity Boys, JV Boys, Modified Boys
  • Basketball: Varsity Girls, JV Girls, Modified Girls
  • Cheerleaders/Basketball: JV
  • Cheerleaders/Basketball:  Varsity
  • Cheerleaders:/Football: Varsity, JV
  • Cross Country: Modified
  • Cross Country: Varsity Boys
  • Cross Country: Varsity Girls
  • Football: Varsity, JV, Modified
  • Golf
  • Indoor Track: Varsity Boys, Modified Boys (7-9)
  • Indoor Track: Varsity Girls, Modified Girls (9-12)
  • Ski Team
  • Soccer: Varsity Boys, JV Boys, Modified Boys
  • Soccer: Varsity Girls, JV Girls, Modified Girls
  • Softball: Varsity Girls, JV Girls, Modified Girls
  • Tennis (Spring and Fall)
  • Track: Modified
  • Track: Varsity Boys
  • Track: Varsity Girls
  • Varsity Athletic Club