The 2020-21 Tri-Valley Secondary School Yearbook | Ursa Magna 2021: Virtual Reality

Send us your photos!

Submit your photos by clicking this yearbook photo submission link from any device and upload them, or use the Josten’s Replayit App from your smartphone or tablet (enter ID#415633958 to link to Tri-Valley.) 

Tips for taking yearbook photos

  • Digital images should be taken from a camera in the 4-5  megapixel range and the camera should be set to the highest  possible quality setting.
  • Larger images are better. If your phone or camera asks  you to choose the image size when attaching or sending a  photo, choose “actual size” or “large.”
  • Don’t use the zoom feature when taking photos — it lowers  the image quality!
  • 300 dpi resolution is ideal. If your camera has a resolution setting, choose this one. Photo scans should also be done  at this resolution.
  • JPG, PNG, and TIFF are the preferred file formats
  • Mid-range shots are best. If you are too close up or too far away from your subject we may not be able to crop the photo to a good size/shape.

How to purchase a yearbook

Pre-order for $57 at Jostens Yearbooks. (The price will increase to $62 in February)

Recognition Ads

Yearbook ads are a great way to celebrate student success and milestones and reflect on the person your child has become. Show your pride and support your school at the same time!

Order and design a recognition ad at Jostens Yearbooks. Prices start at $50.

Send us your photos!

The Yearbook Committee is seeking photos of Tri-Valley Secondary School students, and we’ll use as many as we can! More categories will be added throughout the year.

Submit your photos here: